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    Customer Testimonials

    Jarrod -

    I'm 63 years old and struggled with ED for the last 10 years. I tired all of the prescription pills and Viagra was the only one that worked up until about 16 months ago and then it stop working. After that I started using the injections, they work but with pain and only a 70 % erection. Then by accident I ran across the White Steel site and I said what the hell I'll try anything before surgery . To my surprise this stuff really works! I only take one pill at a time and I can maintain a good erection for sex and even wake up the next morning ready to go again. I feel like I'm thirty again!


    Mary J. -

    My husband has taken this off and on for awhile now. The medication he takes daily has caused problems with being able to get an erection and has caused depression for him. When he started taking Rev 72 he was like he was a teenager again. He says this is a wonderful product and would recommend it to anyone who is having any problems in this problem! Thanx White Steel!


    Aaron -

    I have tried several E.D. remedies, and I like White Steel as it works well, lasts three days and there are no side effects. I also like that it is totally natural.


    William H. -

    The medication I take makes my body literally stop producing testosterone. Even with replacement therapy, I could not get aroused no matter what color of little ED pill I was prescribed. I have a girlfriend now who was someone I had a crush on back in college and I was desperate. I needed to find something that would work. I have tried about just about everything out there. Then my best friend told me he uses White Steel , because ED pills didn't work for him. Skeptical, as I had been ripped off by false promises before, I bought a single packet and when it arrived I took it immediately. It was A MIRACLE!!!! I literally had not had an erection in YEARS but White Steel worked and I had sex...real sex with my beautiful girlfriend and she was very excited and happy. I feel absolutely no side effects and it stays working for the three days as promised. My libido is finally working again, my confidence and self esteem is finally returning. I cannot thank this company enough. Yeah, it's a bit pricey, but considering I was paying over $22 for a little blue pill that didn't work...Thanks White Steel! Without you I would still be unable to make love to the woman of my dreams and most likely would lose her.


    Steven -

    I'll be honest with you... I don't have erectile dysfunction. I take White Steel merely to improve my performance. On my first try, it took me about 15 minutes to get the hardest imaginable erection of my life! Mind you, at that time, I was just having a cola while watching MTV. There was no stimulation - mental or physical. The next time I had it, me and my girlfriend had the greatest sex ever, which lasted well over 1-1/2 hours! Ever since then, I have come to rely on White Steel whenever I need to have great sex!


    Mark L. -

    Premature ejaculation - that's my biggest problem. My girlfriend left me for a good friend after failing to get any sexual satisfaction. It busted my ego for sure. I tried all ways to solve it but to no avail, until I discovered White Steel. After being on this god-sent herb for a week, not only was my problem gone, I can last 30 minutes without a problem!